Rekindling my blog – nature, technology, critical thinking

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I have not really kept up with posting to my blog, and it is costing me to maintain this site, so I have  two choices, either shut it down, or keep it alive and rekindle it. So, I have decided in doing the latter, and to focus on my interest in nature and the science that helps us understand it.

There are two aspects to what I will be posting going forward:

  • my own explorations of nature dating back to my first experiences as a naturalist and biologist,

  • my current on-going quest to explore and document nature and natural environments primarily in Africa especially southern Africa (the next post will be one of these), and

  • topics in education, technology, free-and-open, and anything that is topical and interesting to me at the time.

So along the way I will explore other topics of interest, such as technology, reason and logic, and the origins of some of our most cherished fantasies such as religions and their gods. The primary focus will, however, be on nature and the natural world.

Maintaining a blog is, to paraphrase George W Bush, ‘hard work’. In order to make this blog a valuable place to visit, I will try to post something every 3-7 days, except when I am travelling and off the grid.

Some days it will be old articles that I have written for magazines going back to the 1980s, and some days it will be new information; some days it will be just a photo with a little bit of information, and others it will be a full article; some days it will be a re-post of someone else’s information via YouTube or other sources, and some days it will be a video or other media from me. If you choose to visit my blog, hopefully, you will find something interesting there every day or two.

Right now, I am experimenting with OCR to scan some old magazine articles. That will be one source of posts, but of course I will update them where necessary. Some of them are long, so may extend over more than one post.

Happy reading, listening, viewing.

How I took the ground level photos, hiding under a wrap of camouflage netting.