Free (public domain) LibreOffice Draw, LibreOffice Impress and PowerPoint hexagon diagrams

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People familiar with me know that I  believe in sharing digital resources freely whenever this is possible. I do a lot of diagrams and presentations, and in the process of doing so, I often create new elements for those diagrams. In this section of the blog, I make those elements available under a Public Domain dedication in case someone else finds them useful.

The items are usually created directly in LibreOffice Draw, sometimes in Impress. I will make available the Draw source file, as well as Impress and PowerPoint (if I can get it to work in PowerPoint 2010 on Crossover Office) versions. Feel free to be creative, and if you feel like lettig me know what you did with it, my email address is in the presentation. Always happy to see, but this is not a requirement for use.

This one contains a hexagon diagram that I used in a recent presentation, as shown below. All explanations are in the documents themselves. 

The icons used here are in the public domain.



Download source LibreOffice Draw file
Download LibreOffice Impress
Download for PowerPoint