When I made my posting about an innovation economy for South Africa, point 8 that I made was to create at least two innovation universities in major urban areas or at worst, on their periphery. One might wonder why I would propose creating two new institutions, focusing on innovation. Why […]

Universities in South Africa: we need two new ones for ...

Innovation economy
In my last post, inspired by a ventureburn article by Barry Dwolatzky, I mentioned an innovation economy for South Africa, and some of things that we need to focus on as a nation post the irresponsible Zuma era. The idea of creating an innovation economy is not new, it is […]

What does an innovation economy involve for South Africa?

Change requried
This morning I arrived at my computer to see a post from my brilliant friend and former colleague, Prof Barry Dwolatzy, made on ventureburn, entitled “Innovation, tech transfer can help South Africa to address triple challenges“. The triple challenge that he refers to is alleviating poverty, reducing inequality and creating […]

Ditching the rhetoric and building an innovation economy for South ...

An ecosystem approach to ICT implementation in SA higher educational institutions was prepared for the SAICTED Flash MOOC, Managing ICTs in South African Education, that took place, Saturday 12th October 2013. This was done in 2013, but I think it is still likely to be relevant.      

An ecosystem approach to ICT implementation in SA higher educational ...

SA Flag
I don’t usually post political statements. However, the current political mess in South Africa is maddeningly frustrating. The solutions are amazingly simple, except for the existence of power mongering and greed. Instead of fighting the enemy, poverty, we fight each other. Ignorance is necessary for control. Control is necessary for […]

Why ANC politicians will not solve poverty in South Africa

Lion cub
In April, I was lucky enough to be in the¬†Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park for two weeks. It is a very special place, beautiful and wild. There are lots of animals, you do have to work for them though. The distances are long, and the road rough. Lions were seen almost every […]

Lions of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

South Africa
We humans are story creators, or at least some of us are. We create good stories (freedom, human rights, dignity), stupid stories (new age woo woo, health foods, beauty products, astrology), dangerous stories (homeopathy, race, class), and outrageously harmful stories (countries, gods, religions), as well as stories that seem to […]

In South Africa, there is something wrong with our story

Giant Kingfisher
I am going to try a little activity log for a change. Today, unusually in the afternoon, I went up to look for the Verreaux’s Eagle (black eagle) at Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden in Roodeport. As usual, the garden was full of people enjoying the lawns and scenery for […]

Giant kingfishers at Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden

Note this is an old post that I forgot to publish!! I care about truth. Of course I care about other things too, but that is not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this post it to ask the question “why do smart people often care so little […]

If wishes were courses, people might think: the hazards of ...